January 1, 2021

Top 6 Reasons Lactation Stations Are Such An Easy Solution For Universities Needing To Comply With Title IX Requirements


Title IX, a federal civil rights law passed as part of the Education Amendments of 1972, prohibits sex-based discrimination in any school or other education program that receives federal money. This includes discrimination based on pregnancy, childbirth, and lactation. Universities, in their efforts to comply with Title IX, are increasingly recognizing the importance of providing lactation stations.

 Here are the top six reasons why these facilities are an easy and effective solution that any administrator can justify:

  • Decreasing Missed Work And Classes: Lactation stations enable nursing students and staff members to maintain their regular schedules without missing important classes or work. By providing a space for lactation, universities ensure that mothers do not have to choose between breastfeeding and their education or job responsibilities. This not only supports academic and professional continuity but also aligns with Title IX's goal of eliminating barriers based on pregnancy and related conditions.
  • Providing A  Private And Comfortable Space For Nursing Mothers: Privacy and comfort are essential for effective lactation. Lactation Pods offer a dedicated, safe space where mothers can nurse or pump milk without the fear of intrusion or embarrassment. This private space is vital for the well-being and dignity of nursing mothers, fostering a more inclusive and supportive campus environment.
  • Enabling Milk Storage: These spaces often come equipped with refrigeration facilities, allowing mothers to safely store their milk until they can take it home. This convenience is crucial for mothers who spend long hours on campus and need to ensure that their milk remains fresh for their child. It also relieves them from the burden of carrying portable coolers, making their campus life more manageable.
  • Meeting the Needs of A Key Demographic: Providing lactation stations is a forward-thinking move that demonstrates a university’s commitment to being family-friendly and aware of the needs of its student body and staff. This not only benefits current students and employees but also serves as a positive feature for prospective students and staff who are looking for a supportive educational and working environment.
  • Contributing To A More Productive Workforce:  Lactation Spaces contribute significantly to creating a positive campus culture. They help reduce parental absenteeism related to child illnesses and increase student and employee retention rates. Additionally, these facilities raise morale and loyalty among students and staff. When individuals feel supported in their personal and family needs, they are more likely to be engaged and committed to their roles, leading to a more productive and harmonious campus environment.
  • Enhancing Overall Productivity And Satisfaction: Contrary to the belief that allowing lactation breaks would decrease productivity, research suggests that the opposite is true. People who feel heard and supported tend to be more satisfied with their place of employment or education, leading to an increase in productivity.

Strong policies also help in reducing absenteeism and increasing loyalty, resulting in lower turnover rates. This is particularly beneficial for universities, as it means less expenditure on training new employees and recruiting new students. Furthermore, satisfied students and staff are likely to advocate for the institution, enhancing its reputation and appeal.

Lactation rooms are more than just a compliance measure; they are an investment in the well-being of the university community. By implementing these facilities, universities not only adhere to Title IX requirements but also foster an environment that values and supports the diverse needs of its population. This approach ultimately contributes to the overall success and attractiveness of the institution, making it a preferred choice for students and staff.

The Nessel Lactation Station is revolutionizing the way breastfeeding support is provided in schools and workplaces. With its innovative design and user-friendly features, it transforms any ordinary room into a fully functional lactation space. Here’s how the Nessel Lactation Station makes it incredibly easy to support breastfeeding students and employees:

Functional And Clean: The Nessel Lactation Station is designed with functionality and cleanliness in mind. Its patented design includes optional features like a portable sink, a fridge for private milk storage, and power outlets. These features ensure a sanitary environment for pumping, addressing the primary concerns of hygiene and convenience in lactation spaces.

Easy Setup: One of the standout features of the Nessel Lactation Station is its ease of installation. Perfect for any small space, it requires no assembly or construction. Simply place it in a room with an outlet, and it’s ready to use. This ease of setup makes it an ideal solution for any institution looking to quickly and efficiently provide lactation support.

Productivity Centered: The ergonomic design of the Nessel Lactation Station supports both the physical and mental health of breastfeeding employees returning to work. By providing a comfortable and efficient space for pumping, it helps in reducing the stress and physical discomfort often associated with pumping at work.

Flexible And Portable: Flexibility and portability are key aspects of the Nessel Lactation Station. It requires no permanent commitment and can be easily moved or removed as needs change. This flexibility is particularly useful for workplaces and schools where space utilization and needs can vary over time.

All-in-One Solution: The Nessel Lactation Station is a comprehensive solution for creating a compliant lactation room. It includes power and USB outlets to plug in a breast pump, phone, laptop, and other devices. The sliding workstation allows mothers to work while they pump, and the private fridge offers a safe space for storing milk. The ergonomic chair is specially designed to support postnatal bodies, providing comfort and proper back support.

Built-In Sink: The Nessel Lactation Station offers a sink. This feature adds another level of convenience and hygiene, making it easier for mothers to maintain cleanliness while pumping.

Enhances Productivity & Reduces Pumping Time: The patented sliding workstation is designed for multitasking, allowing mothers to manage work tasks efficiently while pumping. This feature not only enhances productivity but also helps in reducing the overall time spent on pumping.

Sustainable And Fresh Approach: Whether you rent or buy, Nessel Lactation Stations ship new, ensuring a fresh and hygienic start for each user. All rentals are donated at the end of the rental cycle, aligning with the company’s mission of sustainability and support for breastfeeding mothers.

Instantly Creates The Perfect Lactation Room: Designed by working women for working women, the Nessel Lactation Station is an easy, one-stop solution for creating a clean, comfortable, and compliant lactation room in any setting. Its user-friendly design and comprehensive features make it an ideal choice for institutions looking to support breastfeeding mothers effectively and efficiently.