Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need to provide lactation space for my employees?

Those who are breastfeeding need to pump 2-4 times a day. An average pumping session takes 20 minutes. Providing a private, clean, and fully functional lactation space for breastfeeding workers is crucial to physical and mental health for new mothers, and significantly increases productivity.

A fully functional mothers room will provide private refrigeration and running water for comfortable and proper milk storage and sanitation of pumping equipment.

How long do I need to a provide lactation space / mothers room for my employee?

Talk to your employee about their plans to pump upon returning to work. Our rental model for lactation space offers flexibility.

What are the laws on providing lactation space at work?

Please refer to the resources below regarding federal and state laws governing breastfeeding, lactation space, and compliance.

Link: National Conference of State Legislatures - Breastfeeding Laws by State

How does the sink work? How do the tanks stay clean?

The built-in electric water pump brings clean water into the faucet from the fresh water bottle through dedicated clean water plumbing. The waste water empties directly from the drain into the waste tank through its own waste pipe. The fresh and waste water never have contact with each other.

The sink has a 3 gallon, commercial food grade, BPA-free fresh water bottle similar to a typical Poland Spring bottle you might find in any office water cooler. The waste tank is 5 gallon, commercial food grade, BPA-free waste water tank.

How often do I need to refill and empty the water tanks? 

Typically the sink provides ~45-50 washes per refill/empty cycle, so the water will need to be refilled & emptied ~every 2 weeks for a mom that is using the sink 3x per day.

Why does your product include a portable sink? Can't breastfeeding workers use the kitchen/bathroom/shared sink we have already?

Using a communal or bathroom sink to clean pumping equipment more often feels vulnerable and unsanitary.

How easy is it to refill the tanks? What is the maintenance required?

Refilling the tanks is simple and fast. The water bottles are easy to carry with integrated handles. The waste water tank should be rinsed with soapy water when it's fully emptied.

Who manages the tanks?

Typically a cleaning or maintenance team will empty/refill the tanks periodically when entering the room to empty wastebaskets, etc. If needed, a nursing mom can also maintain the sink, as it is preferable to using a communal sink to clean pumping equipment several times a day.

What certifications do the sink and fridge have?

The fridge and all of our electrical and pump components are UL certified. Our NSF Certified Elkay sinks are are made of 18 gauge stainless steel. All of our water tanks are commercial, food grade, and BPA Free.

What makes Nestl Lactation Space different?

• Our patented design is an easy, one stop solution for creating clean, comfortable, and compliant lactation space. Our stations transform any room into a fully functional, supportive, and tranquil experience with everything breastfeeding employees need.

• Our lactation stations were designed by breastfeeding mothers to perfectly adapt to the needs of breastfeeding workers.

• Our stations are completely portable, therefore they can be moved around a building and transferred between spaces depending on your needs.

• Our mother's room solution requires a tiny footprint, with no installation or renovation time.

Do I need to have an existing private room to use Nessel Space as a solution?

Yes. Our lactation stations require approximately 5' x 7' of private, fully enclosed space. Some popular rooms are: phone booth rooms, conference rooms, small private offices, break rooms, and large closets.

What is the installation time for your Lactation Stations?

All of our products arrive fully assembled: there is no installation time aside from removing packaging and plugging in the units.

Can your portable sinks go outside?

No. Our stations are designed for indoor use only. Frequent temperature shifts can cause the fibers inside the laminate to expand and contract. We are working on an outdoor solution, coming soon.

Do your portable handwashing stations have hot water?

The temperature of the water will come out of the faucet at room temperature. Our sink utilizes a single handle faucet.

Do all of your portable sinks come on wheels?

Yes, by default our portable hand washing stations come on wheels. We can customize wheel color or legs by request.

What kind of soap dispenser do you use?

Our soap dispenser is a touchless dispenser that utilizes an infrared sensor. The sensor is powered by 4 AA batteries, included in shipment. The soap is refilled by simply removing the top.

What are the electrical requirements for your portable sinks?

Our handwashing stations require a typical outlet-- 110V/15amp, typically. We do not currently provide battery operated sinks.

Do you accept Purchase Orders?

Yes, we do accept purchase orders.

What payments do you accept for online orders?

Online purchases can be made from our online shop. Online payment can be made through credit card or PayPal. Please contact us directly for quantity orders (ordering more than 2 units).

We are in Canada. How can we place an order?

Please contact us directly. We accept credit card payment or direct funds transfer but are unable to process Canadian shipping rates online.

• Our current lead time is 2 weeks.

• Standard shipping includes dock/curbside delivery only. Please contact us if you require a lift gate, inside delivery, or for other special requests including delivery appointments.

• Please contact us directly to finalize quantity orders (more than 2 units): we will provide a custom freight quote.

We are based in Canada. How can we place an order?

Please contact us directly to finalize orders and for an accurate shipping quote.

Customer satisfaction is our top priority.

• Initial Inspection period: Buyer has five (5) days to inspect all goods upon delivery. If within the initial 5 days the buyer finds an issue with the order, please contact our customer service team and we will coordinate a return or replacement.

• After the initial inspection period, we provide a limited warranty for our products. We maintain a high level of customer service and provide replacement parts or repairs as needed for 1 year from date of purchase.

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