July 3, 2022

Why Every Workplace Needs A Dedicated Lactation Space


Lactation rooms in the workplace are not just an added perk but a crucial element in supporting the transition of mothers back to work after childbirth. These spaces provide the necessary environment for new mothers to continue breastfeeding, a choice that comes with numerous health benefits for both the mother and child. In this article, we delve into why every workplace needs a dedicated lactation space and how such facilities can significantly enhance the experience for new mothers.

This space should be private, clean, and safe – far removed from unsuitable areas like bathrooms.

Supporting Working Parents and Retention

Offering lactation rooms is a tangible way for employers to demonstrate their commitment to supporting working parents. This support is crucial in a world where women often face the difficult decision of choosing between their career and family responsibilities.

A dedicated lactation space in the workplace not only enables mothers to continue breastfeeding but also sends a strong message that they are valued and respected. This level of support can lead to increased job satisfaction, lower stress levels, and ultimately better employee retention. After all, retaining skilled staff is beneficial for any organization.

Creating a Comfortable and Relaxing Environment

The quality of lactation spaces matters. A room that goes above the minimum standards can make a significant difference in a mother’s pumping experience. A well-equipped lactation room should be comfortable, private, and relaxing, with facilities for storing expressed milk safely. It should also include comfortable seating, like the Nessel Lactation Chair, which is designed specifically to support the unique needs of breastfeeding mothers.

The Broader Impact

The provision of lactation rooms also has a broader impact on workplace culture. It fosters an inclusive environment that recognizes and supports the diverse needs of its workforce. This inclusivity can enhance the overall morale and productivity of all employees, not just those who are breastfeeding.

Every workplace needs a dedicated lactation space not only to comply with legal requirements but also to support the health and well-being of their employees. Such a space is essential in creating a more inclusive, supportive, and productive work environment. It acknowledges the challenges faced by working mothers and offers a practical solution that benefits both the employee and the employer.

A location space not only helps the baby but also ensures that working mothers are less likely to take time off work to care for a child. This can mean a more focused and present employee. She can be a successful employee while also being a great mom. For most businesses, keeping experienced and skilled employees is extremely important to their growth and bottom line. A location space is a wise investment.

Increasing Productivity

Breastfeeding, while beneficial, can be time-consuming. Without a dedicated lactation space nearby, mothers may need to take longer breaks or even miss work to express milk.

A conveniently located lactation room enables them to pump efficiently without major disruptions to their workday. This arrangement helps maintain productivity and reduces absenteeism, as mothers can attend to their pumping needs without having to leave the workplace.

Addressing the Lack of Support for Lactation

Unfortunately, many workplaces still lack adequate support for lactation. There are numerous accounts of women being forced to pump in inappropriate places like corridors, bathrooms, cars, or even in shared office spaces.

These experiences are not only demoralizing but also hinder the breastfeeding process. The need for privacy and comfort while pumping is paramount, and failing to provide this can lead to significant dissatisfaction and distress among working mothers.

The Rewards of Supporting Parents

Creating a supportive environment for returning mothers can have profound benefits. When mothers know their employer supports their breastfeeding journey, they are likely to feel more confident and valued.

This can enhance their loyalty and job satisfaction, enriching the workplace with their experiences and perspectives. Companies that go the extra mile in supporting working mothers set themselves apart as employers of choice, attracting and retaining top talent.

Improving Lactation Rooms

To create an effective lactation space, it's essential to consider both the essentials and the additional comforts that can make a difference. A comfortable chair, a lockable door for privacy, a small fridge for milk storage, and an electrical outlet are basic necessities. Additional amenities like a sink for washing equipment, a kettle with lactation-friendly teas, and even a radio for relaxation can further enhance the space.

Each company’s lactation room can be tailored to its specific size and needs, but the goal remains the same: to provide a supportive, comfortable environment for breastfeeding mothers.

Lactation rooms are more than just a facility; they are a statement of support and understanding towards working mothers. By investing in these spaces, companies can promote health, increase productivity, and demonstrate a commitment to their employees' well-being.

Nessel Lactation Pods

Nessel Light and Airy Lactation Pods are a serene haven for breastfeeding employees. Designed with meticulous attention to detail, these pods are more than just a space - they are a sanctuary where tranquility meets functionality. Our goal is not just to meet the basic requirements of a lactation space but to elevate the entire pumping experience.

Nessel Vessel Petite (29.7 Ft²): Compact yet perfectly equipped, the Nessel Vessel Petite is the epitome of efficiency in design. Soundproof walls ensure privacy and tranquility, making it an ideal retreat for focused pumping sessions. It features a private locking door for security and peace of mind, while its integrated light and ventilation system creates a bright and airy atmosphere. Outlets are conveniently located for pumping equipment or laptops, and skylights offer a glimpse of the sky, adding to the calm ambiance.

Nessel Vessel Standard (35 Ft²): The Standard pod takes comfort to the next level with the inclusion of the Nessel Lactation Station, complete with a portable sink and private fridge. It's a self-contained unit that ensures hygiene and convenience are always at hand. Like the Petite, it boasts soundproofing, a private locking door, and a light and ventilation system, but with more space to move and relax.

Nessel Vessel Extra with ADA Compliance (60 Ft²): Our largest pod, the Nessel Vessel Extra, is designed with inclusivity in mind. Fully ADA compliant, it's spacious enough to accommodate a variety of needs while still providing the same high-quality features as the other models. The inclusion of the Nessel Lactation Station, with its portable sink and fridge, adds a layer of convenience and self-sufficiency to the lactation experience. The Extra pod is not just a space but a statement of your commitment to supporting all breastfeeding employees.

Each Nessel Lactation Pod is a testament to our dedication to creating peaceful, private, and practical spaces for breastfeeding employees.

With options to suit different space requirements and needs, Nessel provides an elegant solution to enhance the workplace for nursing mothers.

Elevate the lactation experience in your workplace with Nessel - where privacy feels like calm and every pod is a step towards perfecting the pumping experience.