May 4, 2022

A's Mothers Room Story


Parenthood is different for everybody, and every mother approaches motherhood differently. While there are so many similarities in the stories that are told – of the challenges that are faced – the victories won – the hopes instilled, and the dreams envisioned – the day-to-day parts of motherhood remain as unique as the journey itself.

At Nessel, we know that each journey that we touch is special. We love hearing from Moms who use our portable lactation stations. When we learn that the lactation room we built changes a life for the better, we are flushed with pride. This story – like all stories both similar and not – are our WHY. Why we do what we do, and why we build mothers rooms. Supporting Moms at this very vulnerable, special, and sacred moment in life is our driving force. We are grateful for our wonderful community and are humbled to share A’s story.

“Coming back to work I didn’t think I needed anything fancy for pumping. Just a mothers room with a chair, outlet, little table and maybe a mini fridge for my milk. I also thought I would only pump once a day.

Quickly I realized that walking through the office from my lactation room to the kitchen so I could wash my pump parts and store my milk was less than ideal. It felt awkward walking around with dirty pump parts and using the same sink that had dirty dishes sitting in it felt a little unsanitary. I didn’t have a place to put my parts to dry. I also realized I needed to pump two to three times a day to keep my supply up and have enough milk to feed my son which meant six trips in front of our entire office.

The mothers room we had available to use for pumping in our office was not near any water lines. Luckily, a coworker found the Nessel lactation station and sent me a link to the website. I did a lot of research and did not find any other similar portable lactation pods on the market and definitely nothing as nice. The difference of having a dedicated and private area with a sink and place to dry pump parts as a part of the lactation station was a game changer for me. It was so much easier and more comfortable and contributed to my being able to continue pumping for longer than I would have without having the Nessel  lactation station. It also made the transition of going back to work feel better and easier. Without Nessel  I would have probably asked to work more from home so I could pump more easily.

I have heard some horror stories of companies not supporting pumping Moms and having terrible lactation room setups. It is hard enough to have to return to work and leave your little one, having the proper mothers room setup including a private use fridge and sink/drying area, I found made a huge difference in helping to ease the transition.”

Thank you, A, for sharing your story.