February 1, 2021

Boosting Comfort And Efficiency: Perfect Lactation Chairs For Working Moms


Being a working, breastfeeding mom is hard. Balancing the demands of a career and the needs of a newborn can be a daunting task, but with the right support and equipment, it becomes manageable. One essential piece of equipment is the well-designed, efficient, and comfortable lactation chair, a remarkable innovation for nursing mothers in the workplace.

The lactation chair is an important piece of furniture where comfort, privacy, and efficiency come together. When choosing a lactation chair for working moms, several factors come into play:

  • Comfort: This is important. The chair should have comfortable seats and backrests to support long periods of sitting. The armrests should be flat and sturdy to balance equipment and work materials. Ergonomics play a vital role here; a good chair reduces the strain on the back and arms, making pumping less physically taxing
  • Cleaning: Hygiene is critical. Chairs made from medical-grade materials that are easy to clean ensure that the chair remains sanitary. This feature is particularly important in a communal workplace setting, where multiple mothers might use the same chair throughout the day.
  • Features: Additional features can make a significant difference. Bottle holders keep things organized and can greatly reduce spilled milk.The comfort and functionality of the chair makes the nursing experience more relaxing and efficient.

 Let's explore some of The Best Lactation Chairs on The market:

Nessel Lactation Chair: Known for its ergonomic design, the Nessel chair provides excellent back support and stability, crucial for maintaining a proper nursing position. It was designed by mothers for mothers filled with helpful features that make pumping much easier and more rewarding.

 Of course, a lactation chair is only part of the solution. The setting in which it is placed is 

  • A Small, Movable Table: For placing breast pumps, accessories, or personal items.
  • A lock On The Door: Privacy is crucial. A lock ensures that nursing mothers are not disturbed.
  • Access To An Electrical Outlet: Essential for electric breast pumps and charging devices.
  • Access to a sink: For washing hands and cleaning pump parts.
  • An easy-to-clean surface For A Breast Pump: A dedicated, hygienic space for setting up and storing the breast pump.

Creating a conducive environment for breastfeeding in the workplace is about more than just fulfilling a legal requirement; it's about respecting and supporting the needs of working mothers. The right lactation chair, along with a well-equipped lactation room, can make a significant difference in a working mother's life, offering her the comfort and privacy she needs to balance her professional and personal responsibilities effectively.

As we continue to explore the best options for lactation chairs and accessories, it’s important to remember that the ultimate goal is to provide a supportive, comfortable, and efficient environment for breastfeeding mothers at work. This not only benefits the mothers and their children but also contributes to a more inclusive and family-friendly workplace culture.

 The Nessel Lactation Chair is the only one you need. Its design and functionality stand out, making it a top choice for working mothers and supportive workplaces. Here’s why:

Ergonomically Designed For Optimal Support: The Nessel chair is engineered to offer unparalleled back support and stability, key factors for a comfortable and efficient pumping session. Its ergonomic design ensures that mothers can maintain a healthy posture while nursing or pumping, thereby reducing the risk of backaches and other postural problems.

Quick And Easy To Clean: Hygiene is a priority for any lactation chair, and the Nessel chair excels in this area. Made with medical-grade, GREENGUARD certified silicon upholstery, it's not only safe but also incredibly easy to wipe clean. This feature is essential for maintaining a sanitary environment, especially in shared workplace settings. 

Innovative Bottle Holders To Avoid Spills: The chair includes thoughtfully designed bottle holders integrated into the armrests. These holders are compatible with all major bottle brands, ensuring that nursing essentials are always within easy reach and safe from spills.

Spacious For Pumps And Work Materials: Understanding the multitasking needs of working mothers, the Nessel chair features wide armrests. These are perfectly sized for holding breast pumps and work materials, allowing mothers to pump efficiently while managing work tasks.

Designed By Moms, For Moms: Nessel’s deep understanding of a mother’s needs comes from its foundation as a certified Women-Owned Small Business. The company’s mission revolves around improving lives and strengthening communities through innovative, health-based furniture design.

Modern, Minimalist, And Impactful: The chair’s design principles focus on modern aesthetics and a minimalist feel, ensuring that it not only serves its functional purpose but also enhances the look of any workplace. This balance of style and practicality has a maximum impact on both users and the environment it occupies.

A Tool For Work-Life Balance: The Nessel Lactation Chair is more than just a piece of furniture; it's a tool that enables nursing mothers to remain active in their careers. It plays a crucial role in retaining valuable employees, allowing businesses to benefit from the skills and experience that mothers bring to the workplace. In turn, this contributes to a more inclusive and diverse work environment, which is beneficial for both employees and employers.

Comfort And Practicality Combined: With its stable structure and straight back support, the Nessel chair ensures an effective and efficient pumping session. This support is vital for mothers, especially those dealing with postpartum recovery and the physical demands of breastfeeding.

Perfect For Working Mothers: The Nessel Lactation Chair embodies a perfect blend of style, functionality, and impact. Its design reflects a deep understanding of the needs of breastfeeding mothers, coupled with an awareness of the aesthetic and practical demands of modern businesses. By offering a comfortable, stylish, and practical solution, the Nessel chair supports mothers and promotes a more inclusive and supportive workplace culture. This chair is a testament to how thoughtful design can make a significant difference in the lives of individuals and the communities they are part of.